Fein - MultiMaster (Rating: 5)

I had just completed an oak, over-the-post stair railing system. It turned out beautifully, but because of construction methods required by the home owner, the fillets between balusters varied in height and sometimes raised as much as an eight of an inch above the two long pieces of oak sandwiching them and the balusters.

Sanding them by hand would have involved rasps, several grits of paper and a week of hard work. Seeking a better way, I looked at other well known detail sanders, such as offerings from Ryobi, B&D and Porter Cable. Their construction or design made clear they would likely not last to finish the job, or were just not practical for the application.

I happened into Western Tool, of Olympia, to see its offerings. I told the salesman what I needed and what I had been looking at. He recommended and showed me a Multimaster. When I asked the price, he suggested I sit down. I sat down after he told me the price. The other detail sanders were a fraction of the price of the Multimaster. Now, hours of use later, I understand why.

Because I gambled and bought the Multimaster kit, I was able to finish all the sanding in one day. I even had time to use another capability of the Multimaster, making plunge cuts, to mortise for a door latch.

Since its purchase, my Multimaster has seen hours and hours of work as a sander, scraper and a specialty saw. If it died tomorrow, and though there are many imitations selling for a faction of the price, I'd not hesitate to replace it with another Multimaster.

Fein Tool is keeping alive the saying "You get what you pay for."

SIDE NOTE: Can you guess which detail sander ALL the other companies copied for their knock offs, when the patent on the original ran out?