Dynabrade - Air Sander (Rating: 5)

My buddy VonHagan recommended this sander to me some time ago and I just recently purchased it. My experience with it has been wonderful: no vibration to speak of, sands REALLY fast, and leaves a perfect surface. I bought the Spirit model as it is lighter and cheaper than the Supreme model. I chose the 3/16" orbit (3/32 and 3/8) are also available. I also got the model that connects to vac. Using my dust collector and Abranet discs, sanding is as dust free as it gets. The down side for many is that it requires a lot of air and a small compressor won't be sufficient but if you already have a big compressor, this sander is a jewel! I shopped around and found ABs Gloves and Abrasives to have the best price by quite a bit. They also have the best price I have found on the Abranet Sample Pack (5 discs of each grit from 80-600 plus a pad protector for $25). That is 35 5" discs. Hope this is helpful to someone.