Rockler - Pitch and Resin Remover (Rating: 3)

Tried the 10.99 spray bottle from Rockler. I've got to say the Pitch wiped right off.

What I liked:

No harsh chemicals. Used unprotected hands. (There is an allergy warning on the bottle and ingesting the fluid calls for a trip to the ER."
Product has a citrus smell similar to fast orange hand cleaner.
Works well on Pitch.
Don't need wire brushes. The video shows me using 0000 steel wool but a washcloth did just as well

What was so-so.
Limited Window to clean blades. If product dries off before you begin to clean - you must reapply.

What I didn't like.
Didn't work on areas with hard light colored residue. Is that Resin? It didn't work at all on the spots and no amount of re-spraying helped.

My opinion:
I'll keep looking.