Supermax - 19-38 Combo Brush / Drum Sander (Rating: 1)

Hey guys, this is not the review I wanted write over a year ago when purchased this machine. I had high hopes that it would be as good as advertised. I was wrong.

Ive been working as a cabinet maker full time for 8 years now and wanted a machine to help with all the sanding. I saw this video
After watching that and and hearing of Supermax Tools as a company thats been around a while I took the leap and spent $2,400 or so on it and some paper.
It was pretty easy to setup but it wasnt long before i had problems. First the tension roller adjustment bolts stripped, which was because of cheap steel bolts. I replaced those myself with good quality bolts. Not really a big deal. On the subject of the tension rollers, they are very poorly designed and cannot be set with any fine accuarcy. The tension roller springs also soon broke and they sent new ones, which i dont have any confidence in lasting.
On to the operation!
I work with hardwood, mostly maple. Dont expect this to sand a maple board thats more than 2" in width, it will bog down. I was hoping i could skip sand some 3/4 boards after coming off the planer but thats not gonna happen. So I use the drum sander for smaller pieces like faceframe material and door rails and stiles.
At first when you get a fresh roll of paper on, lets say 80 grit, its works ok for an hour or so of sanding. Then it starts getting cloged and you need to clean it with a rubber block. And yes i use supermax paper, rolled the correct direction, and start at 80 grit. Before too long it has a spot in the paper that just burns everything that passes by it, and you have to change the paper.
The flatter brush!! What joke, ive tried using this on profile doors just like in the video above and what happens is you get these grooves that you can see and feel. You need to sand the doors more after using the machine then if you didnt use it at all.
I could go on and on like this, but im sure you get the point. I bought this thinking it would save me time and the physical strain of hours of sanding i do almost daily. However its been a waste of time, money, and resourses.
Hope this was helpful.

Neil Blodgett,
Blodgett Woodworking
St. Johnsbury, Vermont