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Not always wood

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Dust Extractor Blast Gate

While this a full PVC blast gate it can be made in the average woodworkers woodshop with ease. But because of this I have simply made a blog post and not a project post etc

In the video I am making a PVC blast gate for my home dust extractor system. You can treat PVC like wood, and can cut it on the Table saw, mitre saw, band saw, use the sanding wheels etc. On the thicker pipe we use jigsaws However on the table saw and mitre saw cut slowly else you will get chip out etc.

I am using a 100mm SN6 PVC pipe, the housing is made from 3mm sheet PVC. The big hole in the centre of the gate housing was simply drill on the drill press with a hole saw of around 60mm (maybe 65mm) that then forms and glues around the pipe.

Plastic expands in the heat and shrinks again when it cools so when it cools and the glue dries the join is very strong.

I use a cut in half nail at the end as a pull stop, this is so the gate can not be pulled out of the housing. The reason I shake the unit at the end is because I am testing to see if the gate will move once shaken and will hold in position once opened or closed if the gate is upside down etc.

The gate is very easy to make and while I know you can buy them cheaply enough, where is the fun in that? If you have any questions about this let me know and I will try and answer them.

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PVC Pipe Stool with some woodworking.

PVC Pipe Stool with some woodworking.

Even though my Youtube channel is known as 'Wacky Wood Works' the first line on my about page reads, "Making simple projects with wood, plastic, metal, fabric, cardboard & anything else. Simply making stuff. Most projects are made purely off the cuff and only have a general idea how it will turn out."

So basically just generally making stuff. Although wood will be my most common material I will use… and encourage others to use and try different mediums of materials as you may pick up a few ideas & techniques for achieving different things that can then be used for woodworking.

But again because this is not all wood I have made a blog post about instead of a project post

As the title says this is a stool made from a piece of PVC pipe. Now it is not a piece that your hardware store will have but your drain layer plumber may have an off cut or I would go see pipe fabricators (the guys that turn pipe in to junctions and make fittings from the pipe etc) and ask for off cuts. On average the stools we have made in the past are about 420mm - 450mm. so they are not that high or tall. However we are just going to put them on the back deck.

It can easily be achieved with a drill, jigsaw and grinder with sanding disc and clamps. So very little or limited tools are required.

Enjoy, and hope you can understand my kiwi accent… lol

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