Ryobi - HP41LK 4v Lithium-Ion Screwdriver (Rating: 3)

I have been looking for a mini-driver that I could put in my pocket for small tasks around the shop and assembly work. I have the Ridgid 18v cordless for the larger tasks but it is sometimes a pain in the hip (literally) to have on my holster. Since I pre-drill all my holes before adding fasteners, I just needed a light duty driver for screws. This would give me the flexibility of having a drill already prepped with a bit for drilling and another set for driving. I didn't want to invest a lot of money, as I have other higher priority tool purchases, so I picked up the Ryobi 4v model.

This unit has some nice features. It has rubberized grips, a keyless 1/4" quick chuck, has a 12 position chuck, and at 45 lbs of torque, it does a decent job at driving screws. You are not going to build a deck with it, but that is not its purpose. It is small and light enough to keep in my pocket and has come in handy for overhead work (driving screws for electrical boxes) in my basement. The real limitation I see in this particular model is the charge time. It takes 5 hours to do a full charge when empty and the battery is enclosed so there is no swapping for extra batteries when it dies. Fortunately, it is lithium-ion and can be charged for refreshes in between jobs. I haven't drained it yet, it is estimated to drive about 50+ screws (give or take, depending on screw size) and I don't run into too many projects that would require that much fastening non-stop.

After purchase, I noticed that Ryobi had released another version of this under its TEK4 line. The kit came with a pair of snips as a free add on. The big advantage I see with the TEK4 model is the ability to swap batteries and if one invested in other TEK4 products, one could also purchase the quick charger which would reduce charge time to 30 minutes. While I am satisfied with the model, I would purchase the TEK4 if I had it to do over again. If you are looking for more torque and are willing to pay the price, you might want to look to Bosch for their mini-driver.