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NOS Irwin Auger bits

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Scored some sweet NOS Irwin auger bits and I'd like to offer them to my fellow LJ's for sale before I list them elsewhere.
1) Irwin #21 micro-dial in box, have a few of these
Calipers Tool Rectangle Font Metalworking hand tool

2) #12 3/4" four available
Recorder Bicycle part Metal Nickel Wood

3) #8, 1/2"
Twig Metal Wood Fashion accessory Auto part

4) #6, 3/8"

And the real prizes if anyone's interested, unopened box sets
Rectangle Box Font Wood Packaging and labeling

Rectangle Box Font Metal Fashion accessory

Rectangle Wood Font Metal Tool

PM me for more info


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Might want to include prices.
$10 for the #21s
OK, I give up, what does NOS mean?
I looked in the lumberjocks "common abreviations" and did not find that term.
NOS…new old stock
oldnovice, NOS = new old stock

Interested in what the full sets come with and how much.
The box of 10/16s that is shown in the last pic has been sold, I do have a couple of the same size but in newer packaging.
Rectangle Tints and shades Box Font Fashion accessory

$50 ea


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1 full pack of three left of the 17/16s, 1 1/8s.
2 packs of 6 of the 10/16s 5/8s left.
NOS = vintage?
Yes, vintage pieces that have never been used, still in brand new condition and most times in unopened packaging.
KevinOF-I maintain the acronym glossary. I have NOS defined there. Just another resource to help out.
BTW, Doug, those are really nice finds.
I have a couple more sizes if anyone else is interested.

24/16' 1 1/2" only one in the box, angain NOS. $20
Rectangle Font Natural material Magenta Carmine

Wood Rectangle Line Wood stain Box

And an unopened bos of 14/16, 7/8" $50
Rectangle Packing materials Carton Gas Wood

Rectangle Font Box Ruler Magenta


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I'd be interested in the #12 as well. How much?
The 12s are $10 ea.
PM me for more info.
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