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Norm Abram is Retiring

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Norm Abram's retirement from This Old House was announced yesterday.

PBS will air a tribute show to him titled The House that Norm Built. While Norm is 72 and has not appeared on camera for a while, it is sad to see him described as "hanging up his tool belt." I hope he continues woodworking in his retirement, as 72 years old is certainly not too old to do most things with wood. I hope he isn't ill, and I wonder if there's a deeper story to this.

I'm hoping to see him on a YouTube channel, but he doesn't seem to have much of an online presence.

Here's to the legend himself!
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I always enjoyed Norm's New Yankee Workshop. On one of the programs, he built a farm table with turned legs. I ordered the plans and built the table with tapered legs instead of turned legs - it's been over 20 years and that table is still in regular use. My older brother and I would watch the program regularly, and we'd roll our eyes when Norm would do a dry fit to test before assembly, and of course, the joinery was perfect every time.

Norm, you can store your safety glasses away. Thanks for the shows and the teaching you shared on those shows.
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