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Norm Abram is Retiring

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Norm Abram's retirement from This Old House was announced yesterday.

PBS will air a tribute show to him titled The House that Norm Built. While Norm is 72 and has not appeared on camera for a while, it is sad to see him described as "hanging up his tool belt." I hope he continues woodworking in his retirement, as 72 years old is certainly not too old to do most things with wood. I hope he isn't ill, and I wonder if there's a deeper story to this.

I'm hoping to see him on a YouTube channel, but he doesn't seem to have much of an online presence.

Here's to the legend himself!
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I actually had no idea that he was still on. Kind of assumed he'd retired decades ago. I only tend to watch the newer shows on HGTV etc. lol
My impression of Bob villa™️©️is he will endorse anything for a buck.

- AlaskaGuy
Fixed that for you
It all started for Norm on Christmas Eve in 1958 as he went with his father, a Boston carpenter on a job installing hardwood floors. They installed the floors the old-fashioned way - with cut nails and a skill saw turned upside down on a milk crate.

I read this and immediately thought about how anyone today suggesting such a setup, would be chastised to no end around here for such a careless disregard for safety!


- MrUnix
What? No riving knife. Oh it cut off both his hands for sure just looking at it. Those are cyborg hands you see now.
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My impression of Bob villa is he will endorse anything for a buck.

- AlaskaGuy

Me too If I could get 30 million…

- JackDuren

Some how that doesn t surprise me.

- AlaskaGuy

It shouldnt. You have a lot to learn in this business.

- JackDuren
Yep there is definitely a benefit to taking endorsements

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