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Norm Abram is Retiring

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Norm Abram's retirement from This Old House was announced yesterday.

PBS will air a tribute show to him titled The House that Norm Built. While Norm is 72 and has not appeared on camera for a while, it is sad to see him described as "hanging up his tool belt." I hope he continues woodworking in his retirement, as 72 years old is certainly not too old to do most things with wood. I hope he isn't ill, and I wonder if there's a deeper story to this.

I'm hoping to see him on a YouTube channel, but he doesn't seem to have much of an online presence.

Here's to the legend himself!
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I found both TOH and NYW to be incredibly informative and to build confidence as I started my journey as a DIY'er and a handyman. In this age when anyone and everyone can post a TikTok or Youtube video and profess to be an expert, we forget that the few people on TV 30 years ago were the only source of inspiration and information for many of us. Norm was a keystone in the foundation of transforming woodworking from something passed down on a jobsite or a workshop to something that many people felt they could try. The thousands of influencers making a living on social media stand on his shoulders.

BTW, Norm went to U Mass, Amherst, not MIT (per Wikipedia), studied mechanical engineering, switched to business, and didn't quite graduate. I agree with Mosquito; being an engineer doesn't mean you can solve practical problems. As an engineer, I know - lol.
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