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Non-violent joke of week

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Ole and Clarence -

Ole lived across the river from Clarence who he didn't like at all. All the time they were yelling across the river at each other. Ole would yell to Clarence, "If I had a vay to cross dis river, I'd clean yer clock."

This went on for years. Finally the state built a bridge across the river right there by their houses. Ole's wife, says, "Now is your chance, Ole. Vhy don't you go over dere and beat up dat Clarence like you said you vould."

Ole says, "OK, by yimmy, I tink I vill do yust dat." Ole started for the bridge but he sees a sign on the bridge and he stops to read it. After reading the sign he turns around and goes back home. Ole's wife asked, "Vhy did you come back?"

Ole said, 'I tink I change my mind 'bout beatin' up dat Clarence. Dey put a sign on da bridge dat says, 'Clarence is 13 ft. 6 in.' You know, he don't look near dat big vhen I yell at him from across da river
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:) :))...........LOL
thank´s for the laugh
that was a good start
on the day

He must of been around here too because I see the same signs were I live. LOL
Thanks Dick funny stuff.
Very good one Dick I am going to keep this one.

Forwarded to a handful of friends from MN :)
laughed out loud ..
and so did Rick.
Good one.
well on second thought dear ,

i have more important things to do in the shop !

Great stuff.
How big an ol boy are ya?

LOL :)
Good one
Thanks for da laf
;-)) :))
I purty sure ve saw Ole and Lena when we came tru Lost Wages tuder day
A good funny Dick. Well done.
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