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no more email updates?

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I just realized that I haven't really gotten any comments on my latest blog post, so I went in to check. There were 5. I only got a notice on the first one, some 26+ hours ago. Is there something new or different that I need to do to ensure I get notified of comments? I haven't gotten any updates, even on other posts to which I've subscribed. Maybe the email server on LJs is down?

Just thought I'd give a heads up. I suppose I'll check back in here to see if I get any replies to this a little later today, if I'm not getting email updates about them.
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A similar thing happened to me twice in the last month. Both time I found my ISP was filtering the emails to the spam folder. Seems the email notifier massages were being labeled as spam by their software.

Same here as Lew…for some reason all of mine were being sent to my "Spam" box. You may want to check your spam box Gary.
First place I checked! Nothing in any of my spam traps :(
I've b een getting a lot of watch notices. Seems to be ok here.
Hmm… I haven't gotten any email notices on these comments either. Looking deeper, I realize I haven't gotten mail all day, and have no messages in any of my accounts for the 24th. I had a problem with my site this week, and just called tech support about it, and he was able to send me a message with no problem, and said the other accounts should all be fine. I wonder what's going on here.
I just emailed myself several messages to several accounts, including what I use for LJs, and they all worked. I also had a friend test email me, and it came through. Still, none of my signed-up-for sites are sending me anything at all, and many always do. Still no messages from LJs, either.

Almost makes me feel like someone is intercepting my mail and letting through the tests just so I'll think it's fine, and capturing the rest of everything I want, but that's just paranoia :)
Gary, It's probably Obama's wood police. They may have found out you are scavaging the streets of LA and storing wood for the wood drought :))

I reviewed spam list servers last week and IP address was listed on one german list. I contacted them and they removed us from the list.

ISPs may decide to block some IPs anyways so just add email address to your contacts list to make sure emails will get into your inbox instead of spam box.

Hope this helps,
Martin, thanks for checking into it. I'm still missing messages, but I'm going to assume it's on my end, and talk with my ISP and site host. I've tried mailing to my LJs address from outside servers, and they've all come through, and I have gotten a few LJs emails now, but not for anything I've started, only for things like replies to other people's posts to which I commented and set up a watch. I seem only to not be getting responses to things I've started on LJs, like this forum topic, and my blog entries.
I've had problems with places like lumberjocks as well Gary, but oddly, I'd get some in my spam box and some in my inbox on the same day.

It was only a matter of time before someone brough politics in and bashed Obama. Really sad that people can't keep politics away, like they are supposed to be.
It's really too bad there is no sense of humor left in this country. That's not a political statement, if Bush were still president, it would be his wood police. I'm sure you hate Jay Leno, eh?
Still nothing in the spam box, but on my post today about the Jacaranda tree, I only got an email notice about the second comment. I don't have any filters in place, and searched all of my mail for the subject "Jacaranda" - all subfolders - but it found nothing. Also, I have a mail alert thing that tells me at work if I have any replies waiting on my server, but it doesn't download them from the server. It only alerted me to the one message, so there were never any other messages on my server that subsequent spam filters on my end trapped. That doesn't mean my ISP or host isn't blocking them with perhaps too-aggressive spam filtering on their end. Though appreciated, they really shouldn't be filtering anything for me, but rather passing it all through to let me deal with it.

Failing that, it seems it must still be some kind of anomaly here at LJs. Hopefully I get it resolved, as I like to keep up on all the conversations here.
Who is your ISP? When I was using Fox, nearly half my emails were failing coming and going just before I finally gave up on them. ISP filtering makes the most sense. I remember seeing something about Microsoft making an off schedule security upgrade a few days ago. MSN was blocking a few things a while back, but it didn't have anything to do with LJ, as I recall.
ISP is Verizon DSL. I think I need to give them a call.
Good luck!! The first level of customer service are screen readers:)) I hate it when I know better than what they are trying to tell me:-((
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