Woodcraft - 16ft Tape Measure Fractional (Rating: 1)

Woodcraft donated a bunch of these as door prizes to our local woodworking club. The guys passing them out were making fun of them. At first glance it seems like a nice tape measure. It fits the hand well. Looks good for plastic. Has a good rubber grip. The numbers are easy to read and the fractions are clearly marked. The problem is it has no manual lock, instead it has an auto brake so when you pull it out it's supposed to stay then you press a button to retract. Unfortunately the brake on mine doesn't work so the only way to keep it out is pinch your finger against the bottom of the blade. I checked it against my 16' Stanley and the numbers lined up out to about 11'. Don't know if the inside/outside measurement is accurate. If the brake worked I would give it 4 stars.

  • Fits the hand
  • Easy to read
  • Fractions marked

  • Auto brake doesn't work
  • No manual lock
  • Strap tends to get in the way

[UPDATE] This has been in my shop since last summer and the auto brake never worked. I brought it into the house and after a week the brake started working. Maybe the humidity difference, I don't know. Anyway I up'd the review to 3 stars.

[Update2] The brake stopped working again and I gave up on this thing. It's an annoying piece of crap.

I hated this tape, tossed it in the garbage.