Delta - 36-725 (Rating: 5)

just got this saw set up this morning and put it to the far I'm real happy with it.i intend this as second saw so I can set it up with dado blades to avoid changing blades back and forth.its wired for 110v but can be changed to 220v.after the setup I checked for squareness and found it to be right the money.the fence is smooth and locks firmly.the dust collection port is only 2.5" so I put on an adaptor to connect my 4" hose which did a great job catching most of what comes out the bottom.its got a riving knife that can be removed easily and the guard also is very easy to remove so I may actually use it!raising the blade and tilting are real smooth and can be locked firmly.another nice feature are built in wheels and a foot lever so you can set it after my first trials I'm gonna give this saw 5 stars.the saw was 599 at lowes but I had a 10 percent off coupon and a 10 dollar coupon so it made this a great only complaint is the way the throat plate is made will make it hard to create your own which is what I normally do,but ill figure out a way.