Rabbit Air - MinusA2 Air Purifier (Rating: 5)

About a year ago, I decided that needed to get a real air cleaner for my shop. While poking around for reviews, I found a review of this Rabbit Air unit (mine is the 700 sub-model) on another woodworking website. It costs a bit more than the traditional air cleaners, but with the extra features, I decided it was worth it. It has 4 layers of filters, some you can clean, some you need to replace. You have a choice of the final filter and I went for the 'toxins' filter.

Features I like are A) a light sensor for on/off. The unit is never really off as it runs at low speed all the time. It will run for a while after the room goes dark.

B) It has a particle sensor which controls the fan speed. There are 3 speeds based on detected air quality with an indicator: Blue normal/low speed; Purple medium speed; Red high. I find it reacts very shortly after I start sanding, so I'm pretty confident in its detection.

It also comes with a remote, which I've misplaced.

I've since forgotten some of the other features. I've pretty much just let it do its thing.