In-lineindustries - SAW PALS (Rating: 5)

If you have a contractor TS and extra 20 dollars burning hole in your pocket then maybe you should splurge on one of these before the gas goes back up to 4 a gallon.
And that's just what I did today. I didn't need them or have to have them to align the 3660. I had already got it to 0.001. But I've never been fond of contractor saw trunnions. When I finally got my saw last year,(Table saws scare the heck out of me) it took slight modifications to get my saw to register 0.001. And during that time I had considered getting these pals several times but the lure of the casino was much more powerful.
So here we are at last. Since my TS was already aligned, I took out one bolt at a time leaving the middle one in without the useless cam. And replaced the left and right bolts with Pal.
It took about 5 minutes all together. Just for fun, I verified the alignment and it was all There.