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nice cheap workbench build on yesterdays woodsmith shop

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they built a simple workbench out of douglas fir 2x material and mdf on yesterdays woodsmith shop. it looked pretty sturdy and was bolted together with lag bolts so it could be disassembled for moving if need be. if any of you missed it maybe they will show reruns this weekend? im not sure. anyways just thought id let you know

found plans for it at

also a preview here
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That will certainley get the job done
nice find - looks like a good bench.
I have built 3 of them at school and plan to make 3 more for the students. I used glue and 2" finish nails instead of bolting. However I first rough cut all pieces, face jointed them flat, planed them to 1 1/4" and then jointed an edge table sawed to width, squared an end, finally cut to length. Had the tops. Taking 5ft x 5ft tables and cutting them in half to make 12 workbenches instead of 6 tables. This way kids don't have to have their backs to me. helps with classroom management. Also table tops when cut in half will fit through the wide belt sander, easier than using a portable belt and a lot flatter.

Still a good bench.
Thats a nice looking bench.
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