CMT Tools - 12" ITK Plus Fine finish (Rating: 5)

The Forrest temptation will always be there….. When you tell your wife you need a new blade, she automatically thinks "15 bucks", little does the boss know you'll be cleaning out her wallet…you know your's is empty to begin with, or else she didn't even need to know. Well I mustered up some Lowes gift cards and a little cash and bought a couple of their CMT ITK plus blades. The CMT website does not mention the ITK Plus blades so I assume the info off the ITK seris is the same. The non-orange Lowes version is an attractive gray, which is a PTFE coating (Polytetrafluoro Ethylene) non-stick. I guess they do that in case the blade has a little run out. The carbide tips are heavy and the bevel is nasty, 40 degrees, normal 15 degree hook. The blade perfomes well new, only time will tell. Like a kid with a new toy, had to crosscut a little of this and a little of that. The picture of the Walnut shows 0 tear out and a few hairs on the edge, overall the cleanest cut that my Hitachi has ever made. I am satisfied with the 70 dollar version for now…I'll be putting this blade to the test remodeling the kitchen.