Woodstock - Hold Down Clamp (Rating: 4)

Not a whole lot to say about a tool like this. I was looking for a device to hold stuff down on my work bench top. Amazon was selling this one for $10 shipped. I was a bit weary of ordering it since the stock photos made the screw threads look a bit too fine for my taste. However, as the included pic shows, the threads are actually fairly coarse. Nice.

Installation is very straight forward. I'm pretty sure the manufacturer intends a 3/8 bolt to be used to attach the clamp to the bench, but I had a 5/16-5" on-hand and it seems to work just fine. The pic shows how it is attached to the bench: self-explanatory. I used a wingnut for quicker install and removal. Since I use my dog holes as the conduit for the bolt, I use a large washer to facilitate a better fit and prevent damage to the nut and/or bench. I also added a lock nut so I won't lose the bolt when the clamp is not in service. I could have just used wing-nut for this, but I'm too lazy/impatient to work the wingnut up 3" of thread every time I remove the clamp from the bench.
Alternately, two notches on either side of the clamp allow for it to be permanently attatched to the surface.
Bottom line is this clamp works as it should and I'm happy with the purchase. However, its not perfect.
Coarse screw threads
Casting is less than stellar. A few minor imperfections were noticed (made in China).
NO mounting hardware is included. Of course, most of us already have a hardware store's worth of nuts/bolts on-hand anyway.