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News on the infected finger

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A couple of months ago I did a forum topic on my splinter caused infected finger. Here is an update.

Well, it's about two months later and the news is good. If you remember I had gotten a splinter in the side end digit of my index finger and didn't really deal with it after pulling it out. I don't remember it but the MRI showed a stabbing hole in the bone on the side of it. The staff infection that resulted led to a prognosis of amputation of the last (end) digit of my finger on my left hand. I'm left handed and play guitar, paint, etc. I was set to have the amputation on Sept 27th, about two months ago.

They at one point opened it up and cleaned it out.

I demanded a second opinion and saw an infectious disease specialist. He sent me for a picc line. An IV that goes from my upper arm through a vein and into my heart to deliver antibiotic every day via syringe directly into my heart so the pressure can push it to my extremities. The wife has been injecting me every day for eight weeks. The infection is not showing up any longer and the bone in my finger has started to regenerate. It was badly damaged and very fragile because of the infection. They half expected the tendon to tear away from it before I was done.

As of this week. Looks okay!

Well, none of that happened. I'm cautiously hopeful and the prognosis looks good. It's very difficult to cure osteomyelitis (bone infection) and I'll need to be checked up every three months for awhile and then again maybe be on oral antibiotic long term. But Things are now looking up. News is that the bone should be regenerated enough to put pressure on it by the first of January. About two months away.
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dan this is great news and the finger looks great, you must be so happy that your not going to loose the finger and your life wont be severally changed, im also glad to see you have your shirt on for this last picture, lol…so is there any news of a new wood working project, im in the middle of one and will post it when its done, the clue is nakashima..grizz
Thanks Grizz….

Nakashima. the guy from Seattle right. Made a lot of live edge furniture. You find a slab of some pretty wood someplace?

With this picc line in my heart I can't do much. If i do it comes out. It's already come out 5 inches. Any more and I'd have to have it re-done. But it's almost over so we're riding it out. My next project is to literally tear out the rest of the house and remodel it. I already did the bedroom and bathroom and was going to start in with the rest of the house this fall, but that will now have to wait till spring. I might get out to the shop this winter and get a couple of storage benches made for the bedroom. A short one for the wife and a longer one me and other storage. Probably raised panel walnut or cherry. I haven't decided yet. It's all up to the finger!
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Great news Dan, I am delighted for you.
Must have been hard facing the prospect of losing that finger tip.
I am astounded the Doctor thought that was the only way.
Hope you make a speedy and full recovery.

Thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear the good news.
Wow, i thought I let mine go too far! Really glad they were able to get control of it. Everything we work with is dirty. Some wood is much more prone to cause infection.
As Charlie Brown would say: "GOOD GRIEF".
Man, I didn't know that it was that bad. Good luck on the recovery road.
Looks like your are well on the way to full recovery! That splinter must have had some really bad bugs on it.
glad to see you are doing better. it is really scarry to think that a little splinter could result in all these complications.
This is great news Daniel. Thanks for posting the update!
Thanks for showing the 'before' and 'after' photos . Some folks forget to show that in their restoration projects .
Nice save , .........irony is wasted on microbes . I give all the credit to your wife ,she has saved you once again ! Best wishes .
Good news for you. Hope you can start playing once again.
Auch that is realy a wake up call for everyone
I know how exstreamly fast a little oil can infect the system but a splint in the finger
I have never thought how dangerous that can be
thanks for the update and information

hopefully you heal up good as new

take care
A fascinating outtake from this….

At first the cause was thought to be my nail biting. Then the MRI showed that it was a puncture to the bone. Anyway. I'm 58 yrs old. I've been a nail biter for 55 years. All the neurons that constitute a 'habit' had grown and connected and it was a done deal. Nail biting was as real to me as breathing. I tried to stop a couple of times but it was a chore and I gave up each time after a couple of months.

After hearing the prognosis of amputation and the (then) cause of infection entering by nail biting my OCD issue suddenly stopped. It was as if I had never bitten my nails, ever in my life. No need to, no desire to, and I haven't done it for two months. Whatever neurons that connected in my brain to make this habit permanent were suddenly rerouted or severed. Like an alcoholic waking up one day with no recollection of ever having a drink and never desiring one again. I am amazed at this phenomenon. I've heard of it when people who have smoked all their lives and with a diagnosis of cancer suddenly stop cold. With me it's my nails. So, so strange.
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I'm confused. You say it was your left hand and yet, it's the right hand in the picture??? Anyway, glad you are on the mend. Hope there are no more problems
That's why the finger looks so good. He's showing the good hand.

Glad to hear things are looking up… but I am a little concerned about a 58 yr old former science teacher who cannot tell right from left ;-)
Ha! When I take a picture direclty into the computer with my web cam it reverses it.
There, happy?

Gesture Finger Thumb Nail Wrist


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