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Newbie Question Time!

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So, I was tasked to come up with a sign design for a wedding….So, I did….BUT, I have NO IDEA how to execute my design….

I will be using Kill Beatle Pine~ (Not sure if that makes a difference)

Can you all give me idea HOW TO join the wood for the 'cirlcle' and ideas as to HOW to
join the horizontal boards to the circle?

I am COMPLETELY new to woodworking…..and I have never really done any joinery~ But I am up for the challenge.
I have basic tools….band saw, router, table saw, miter saw, circle saw, drill)

Any and ALL thoughts/suggestions are welcome~~~~ PAAAAALEEEZE…and thank you!

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Ohh, a cavet' is that the only place for me to get Pine where I live only sold them in 6" wide (and 12' long) planks~

So, if I got a plywood or something~maybe I could glue to a 'backboard'~~~

How could I make sure though for the glue wouldnt eventually fail from the backboard, thus, the sign crashing to the ground~breaking?

Is there a 'trick of the trade' to make it 'structurally sound'?

(I hope that makes sense~)
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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