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Newbie Question Time!

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So, I was tasked to come up with a sign design for a wedding….So, I did….BUT, I have NO IDEA how to execute my design….

I will be using Kill Beatle Pine~ (Not sure if that makes a difference)

Can you all give me idea HOW TO join the wood for the 'cirlcle' and ideas as to HOW to
join the horizontal boards to the circle?

I am COMPLETELY new to woodworking…..and I have never really done any joinery~ But I am up for the challenge.
I have basic tools….band saw, router, table saw, miter saw, circle saw, drill)

Any and ALL thoughts/suggestions are welcome~~~~ PAAAAALEEEZE…and thank you!

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Do you have to join boards É Maybe you can just do it all within a larger board. Or do a basic glue up of three boards that are long enough so you can use one end of them for the circle, ie the circle is actually part of those boards. To fit and attach the circle separately would be quite a bit harder.
Ohh, a cavet' is that the only place for me to get Pine where I live only sold them in 6" wide (and 12' long) planks~

So, if I got a plywood or something~maybe I could glue to a 'backboard'~~~

How could I make sure though for the glue wouldnt eventually fail from the backboard, thus, the sign crashing to the ground~breaking?

Is there a 'trick of the trade' to make it 'structurally sound'?

(I hope that makes sense~)
If you have a fairly good band saw, this is a simple thing to do with a circle cutting jig. You can cut the circle on the table saw, but not the concave curve for the straight boards.

Google or search circle jig for bandsaw and you will see how simple it is. Joning the boards is no big deal, you would break the wood before you break the glue line with modern glues.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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