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New York Jets v/s Green Bay Packers in Superbowl

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Wonder what the odds that this might happen ? Oh well, it is my prediction.

Go Jets !!!!!!!!!!!!!! .. and I'm really a Bronco fan .

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Not Those Broncos Dennis. Boo Boise State….......BOOMER SOONER
Your just wanting Faver to have an identity crisis
just want to see Farve running around in a victory dance in the super bowl again.
The jets barely got by a team that had a 1-15 record last year. In fact, the Dolphins were simply terrible making every mistake they could think of and still had a chance to beat the Jets at the end. I do however feel the Broncos look very very promising as I am currently watching them stomp a mudhole into oakland.

In case you were wondering, I happen to hate the J-E-T-S jets jets jets!!! Of course I do like the Jets more than the Patriots though.
I hate to spoil the Favre lovefest, but it's like Urlacher says, "Farve is just an old version of Tony Romo."
It's gonna be a Cowboy year.
Go Flyers!

not with INDY around thats not gonna happen!

Broncos looked great against Oakland. Oakland looked sleepy. 9/9/8

Jets are cooking !
Jets vs Packers in the Super Bowl - the fans at Lambeau Field would be thrown into total confusion.
Has anybody seen my TITANS record lately?
Odds a pretty good that the Packers won't be there this year. It is nice that Brett keeps calling Packer team members and coaches tho. It's nice he stays in touch.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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