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New Veritas plane..

WOOHOO! My new plane came in yesterday. I'll have a full review coming up. For now here are some pics of my new toy… (ahem) tool… (^_^)

Ahh those crazy Canadians and their new-fangled recycling…. (I kid, I kid)

Here we go, the un-boxing.

I've heard Veritas called the "Apple computers of hand tools". I think they just need to master packaging and that will be an 100% true statement. Of course my of us woodworkers really couldn't care..

Thar she blows in all her glory.

Hmm, they actually packaged the plane with a faux plastic blade for shipping. It even has holes for the Norris adjuster. Great idea since that lets them secure the cap iron..

So that's it for now. I have looked through the existing reviews of this plane on Lumberjacks and decided that there is are a lot more details that you fellas might be interested in. So I'm doing a lot of testing to give you a good review. So far I can say that this is a DAMN GOOD plane. Stanley is really kidding themselves competing with this…
Don't throw away that plastic blade. It may come in handy around the beginning of April (if you know what I mean).
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