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New Veritas plane..

WOOHOO! My new plane came in yesterday. I'll have a full review coming up. For now here are some pics of my new toy… (ahem) tool… (^_^)

Ahh those crazy Canadians and their new-fangled recycling…. (I kid, I kid)

Here we go, the un-boxing.

I've heard Veritas called the "Apple computers of hand tools". I think they just need to master packaging and that will be an 100% true statement. Of course my of us woodworkers really couldn't care..

Thar she blows in all her glory.

Hmm, they actually packaged the plane with a faux plastic blade for shipping. It even has holes for the Norris adjuster. Great idea since that lets them secure the cap iron..

So that's it for now. I have looked through the existing reviews of this plane on Lumberjacks and decided that there is are a lot more details that you fellas might be interested in. So I'm doing a lot of testing to give you a good review. So far I can say that this is a DAMN GOOD plane. Stanley is really kidding themselves competing with this…
Drooool !
Dang it looks good even before it has come completly out of the box
Drooool !

looking forward to hear your rewiew of this and all the fail on it ….LOL

take care
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