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New table saw help

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I am getting ready to get a new saw. After reading reviews about the ridgid ts2400 and the bosch 4100-02 my head is spinning. To me its a 50/50 pick give me a reason to pick one or the other
Thank you
Bryon McGowan
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If I had it to do over again, and the Internet was as prolific as it is today, I would certainly find my tablesaw on Craigslist. And neither the Rigid nor Bosch would be on my shortlist. If it was in the cards I would look for a good used Delta Unisaw or General (Canadian) cabinet saw. My 2 cents.
I feel the same as pitchnsplinters i have a
ridge TS and a ridge handsaw they are at best weak
the wheel adjustment on the band saw is junk
A good friend of mine has the Bosch and is very happy with it. But if I was going to spend that kind of money, for the same price you could get a slightly used or factory reconditioned contractor saw with a full sized cast iron table.

I purchased a reconditioned Ridgid TS3660 for $449 with free shipping, and I love this saw. Even though my shop is tiny, the mobile base on the saw lets me move it around very easily.
I gotta agree with these fine gents. I was seriously tempted to buy a ridgid table saw not too long ago, but ended up with a slightly beat up craftsman 10" from the late 1950's. It's way more saw for literally half the money. It's been performing like a champ, and I've had zero problems with it. I'd look into some good used saws, maybe just a wee bit newer than mine. :)
If you need to sling your saw from site to site regularly, or have a tiny shop, either one of these saws will do. Both get high marks within their classification of portable saws, so get the one you like best.

If you don't need the portability, there are any number of full size cast iron stationary contractor saws or hybrid saws that offer several performance advantages…used or new. A hybrid with the motor housed inside the cabinet doesn't really take up much more space than a portable, but has a deeper table, better stability, longer fence, less noise, better reliability, lower vibration, etc.
I was on the same situation as you a couple days ago, I almost got the ridgid ts2400 for $499 at HD. I'm glad I found the RIDGID R4511 Hybrid here, If footprint is not a problem to you, you will be really happy with this table. Sure its heavy, (470 lbs) but the 1 3/4" Granite top make it almost vibration free. I did pass the nickel test without a problem. If you need to move it around you will have no trouble thanks to the Herc-U-Lift mobile base. It took me less than 10 minutes to run the whole alignment of the mitter slots, 90's and 45's angles too.
And all this for just $540 after 10% discount at HD, I personally think it is a great deal.
If you don't need something like this, then just go ahead and get the Ridgid ts2400, but if you want something that will last for many years then the Ridgid R4511 is a great option at a great price.

Hope this help you.

Byron, I had the Bosch 4100 and it is a better made saw than the Ridgid ts2400 hands down.

BUT. I found it inadequate for fine-woodworking. it's a great mobile saw that you can take on site - which is what it's intended as. but it lacks precision that is required for fine woodworking. can you use it for fine ww? sure - as may other saws, but it'll require you to be more alert, and may require you to clean your cuts more than often. it's a terrific saw - but I chose to replace it. and like Alonso I replaced it with the Ridgid 4511 which is a fantastic machine for less than what you'd pay for the Bosch!

if mobility is your requirement - the Bosch is a great choice. if you don't have to have it mobile - then I'd do a bit more research.
I would agree with Purp. I have the Bosch that I use for rough ripping and cutting at job sites (and I wouldn't trade it for any other in that capacity). It sucks for fine adjustment and the arbor is too short to use anything but a partial stack of a stacked dado.

For fine woodworking I would recommend the powermatic brands…even though they are pricey…I have heard nothing but praise for the saw and for the customer support. I have also used my friends powermatic and it is the smoothest and most accurate I have cut on.

I am on the hunt for a replacement to my old delta…it was/is a great saw but now that I have more room I want one with a bigger table/fence and more power. My choice so far is powermatic (based on the above). I feel that, even though it blows my budget a bit, a table saw is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your shop….get the best you can afford even if you have to stretch a bit…you will be thankful later on…trust me.
I agree with pitchnsplinters. I am not sure just what your budget is, but certainly check out Ebay and Craigs List.

As everyone knows, the table saw is probably the most important saw in your shop.

I have bought many items for the shop, including my Powermatic TS on Ebay. You can find excellent used equipment, and often new pieces for hundreds of dollars less than something at a local store. Although I havent used Craigs List yet, I have seem some great local deals there too, just a short drive away from my house. I think I have purchased just about my entire shop on Ebay.
I want to thank you to everyone for the great advice. I am still not sure what I am going to do I might save up for a better saw so it will be the last saw that I buy
Again Thank you
i have to also agree with most of the folks on here i was about to go and buy the ridgid and found a used unisaw for around same price "800 bucks" with allot of extras on Craigs list used is most diffanitly the way to go good luck to you
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