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New Shop Equipment & Floor Plan

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I finally decided what other equipment I am going to buy for my shop. I also came up with a layout for the shop. I would appriciate your thoughts and comments on both. The shop is only 14' X 21' which will require the equipment to be mobile. I need to make a miter saw counter on the west wall of the shop along with a catch/assembly table with storage below for power hand tools that will sit in front of the table saw on the east wall. If you go to and look at the article Dead-Flat Assembly Table, you can see what it will look like. There will be an upper storage cabinet on the west wall and under the table saw extention table. On the back north wall is a built in storage cabinet where my air compressor sits, dust cyclone, filter canesters and small metal tool box. On the east wall is peg boards to hang my hand tools on. Once the counter and storage cabinets are built I can start buying the rest of the equipment. There is a 8' X 10' storage shed out the back door for jigs, off fall and wood storage. The only pieces of equipment I have bought so far is : PM2000 table saw, Makita 12" sliding miter saw and a Makita air compressor. All the drills, routers, sanders, saws, nailers, stapler, biscuit cutter and dovetail jig are bought.

The equipment I am planning on buying : Jet 14DXPRO 14" Deluxe Bandsaw, PM2800 18" Variable Drill Press, Woodtek 2HP Reversible two speed Shaper, PM54A 6" Jointer, Makita 201NB 12" Planer, Jet 16-32 Drum Sander, PM701 Bench Top Mortiser, Ridgid EB4424 Spindle/Edge Sander and the Jet Scissor Lift Table. I plan on building skid platforms for the mortiser, planer, spindle/edge sander, drum sander and store them under the counter. I will use the scissor lift table to move them out and raise them to the desired height I want. The scissor lift table can also be used to help support sheet stock being cut on the table saw. If you go to my workshop you can see the floor plan. Thanks for looking!
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Is this a hobby set up or are you in the cabinet business again? Why did you sell all your tools if you were not quiting?
Wow…and I thought I just bought a ton of tools. This is going to be a NICE shop when you get it all together.
Sounds like you have a handle on what floor plan will work for you and you know what tools you'll be buying, only question left is do you want to adopt an older son? I'm available!

Wow, that will be a very nicely equipped shop indeed. Will this be hobby or business?
Wow, nice list. my shop is about 24×24. I have half this stuff and find it crowded. I have a bench with drawers against the wall that was there originally. It has tons of drawers so I leave it but I wish I had the space instead. And put everything on wheels, except maybe a long miter saw stand. When you can move it out of the way or out on the floor to use it makes all the difference. Also, Use 4" wheels. Otherwise the smallest wood chip or power cord will make it seem like you'e dragging it half the time. at 4" the wheels seem to ride over such bumps.
Hey Tom,

I PMed you directly. Please check it out.

Charlie Mullins
TopamaxSurvivor & Cato: It is going to be both a hobby shop and a business. I strictly advertise by word of mouth. I sold all my equipment for several reasons. Went thru a divorce, had no way to move or store the equipment when I moved to Iowa. I had access to a shop if I wanted to build something for myself. Now that I am retired I decided to do cabinet work on the side again.

Craftsman on the lake: The shop is small, but with mobility I can get it to work. I am basically only using one piece of equipment at a time. Thanks for the tip on the casters.
Hey tom
Sounds like a good upgrade and super equipment.
Can't wait to see it all set up, Tom
I am sure you already used something like this..but it sure comes in handy. This link is to Grizzly's "Shop Planner" You can make the shop anysize you want, put the windows and doors where you want them…and then they have scaled to size every wood working tool and cabinet you could think of. While their mock up tools are all copys of Grizzly's tools…who cares, a 8" jointer is still a 8" jointer same as a cabinet saw with a 52" cut.
Sounds good. I find that a 6" jointer and a 12" planer arent big enough. I'd purchase a 20" planer (even if used) and a wider jointer. For building cabs I'd also cosider a 13 spindle line boring machine. I don't know if you have the space but cosider an excaliber for your ts too. Cant wait to see it all come together
Tom, Didn't mean to be so nosy. Just seemed odd to sell it all , move and rebuy. Guess it was over a longer period than it sounded like. Too bad about the divorce and having to restart.

I suppose for part time you can make it work as you say. I just thought it looked a bit cramped for production work. I'll second the advice on 4" casters if there is anything on the floor. Having worked on construction sites all my life, sometimes I think we should have bicycle tires on all the carts :)) Best of luck getting it up and running.
Tom your very lucky to have such a nice shopping list have fun my friend

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