Powermatic - PWBS-14CS, POW 14" WW Bandsaw (Rating: 4)

I upgraded my old mid 50s Delta, it had some issues
So I ordered this Saw from CPO, the Mobile base arrived in a big box with no packing at all, both the wheel locks were broken, I thought jeez hope the saw comes in better shape. And it did saw was packed very well in three boxes also the riser was included in its own box with all its access, at no charge it was included so that was nice.
The saw was fairly easy to set up a earlier poster complained about the motor being hard to hang this one was all set up. getting both tables level was a bit dicey but not real bad . everything was there no parts missing or broke. now I just need to use it . At first blush it runs very smooth no blade flutter, and no vibration.
I am happy I can't give five stars until it is used give me some time with it.
I emailed Powermatic and was told the new wheel locks for the mobile base will be shipped , not a big deal as I made a couple they are just 5/16 bolts with a washer welded on for turning probably outlast the plastic ones for years.
Sorry about the sideways photos