Onieda Air Systems - Plastic Dust Deputy (Rating: 5)

The demo at AWFS and videos online were just too convincing … I ordered the new Oneida Dust Deputy kit ($99.00 plus $10.50 S&H). It was money well spent.

The 'kit' comes with the plastic cyclone, two buckets, lid, hardware and hoses. The cone itself is a tough, heavy plastic, and the hose connections are tapered so my ShopVac hoses fit tight and stay put. Assembly took under 5 minutes. Instead of a copper wire and washer recommended by the manufacturer for static discharge, I attached a piece of light duty chain. After 2 days of use, there was no static buildup on either the bucket or the cyclone.

At first, I did not attach the Dust Deputy to the ShopVac … BIG mistake. The minute I started pulling sawdust and chips into the cyclone from my planer, the hose that connects the cyclone's discharge to the ShopVac contracted and tipped the ShopVac over!

I decided to dedicate my older ShopVac to the Dust Deputy, but with a HEPA filter in the ShopVac, there would not have been sufficient clearance inside the ShopVac for the supplied carriage bolts. So I decided on what I think is actually a better mounting system.

I bolted a 2' long x 6" wide piece of 3/4" plywood to the bottom of the ShopVac, then bolted the other end to the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket (I did not use the 2nd bucket supplied with the Dust Deputy because I was not sure how well this would work … besides, the bucket I used had a cracked bottom … no sense in drilling holes in a perfectly good, new bucket!). To prevent air leaks around the holes in the ShopVac, I used some plumber's putty. To provide extra support, an old bungee cord was used to lash the bucket to the ShopVac. I installed 2 HDPE chair glides on the end of the plywood under the bucket, so the combined ShopVac/Dust Deputy rides on the ShopVac's wheels and actually is pretty easy to move around the shop.

I am really pleased with the way this thing works. I have used it with my table saw, router table, and planer, as well as for general cleanup. I filled up the bucket with Poplar sawdust while working on a case project, but the ShopVac's filter and canister were clean!