Grizzly - G0453Z 15" Planer (Rating: 4)

I just got a new Grizzley GO453PX planner with spiral cuter head. It arrived by Freight at the dock where I work. Loaded it on my Pick-Up after work. It weights in at 700LBs. Getting it in the shop was a little tricky as the loader I used had a bucket wider than by 6' double doors I have going into the shop. We finaly got it in and it took about 2 hours to get it all assembled and another 2 hours cleaning of all the protective grease off machine [Alcocol and elbow grease worked good]. The planner move around the shop very easily on heavy duty casters. I had an old 12" Belsaw planner for 38 years and it didn't own me a thing. The new Grizzley is very quiet and does a great job on all woods.

The spiral cutter is new to me and I was hoping it would answer my question about hit nails and taking out a hold set of blades on the old planner. Four spare inserts came with the planner and I purchsed another set of ten. They are about $2.30 each. I was planning an old beam with the other planner and came across a nail, so the rest of planning the board had a bead in it. That is when I decided to get the new planner. I put that same board through the new planner and not even a spark. I checked all the inserts and couldn't find any chipped inserts and the rest of the nail was still in the beam.

The saw dust from the planner is very fine and it does a great job. It does leave a very fine surface that needs to be sanded if you are going to stain it. It is a very well built piece of equipment and I have had it for about 4 months with no problems. I have run 300' pine, 150' cherry, and 150' of oak through it and really like the planner. The extra 3" width is also a plus.