Bessey - K-Body Revo clamps (Rating: 5)

I recently purchased quite a few of these clamps - see my blog

These clamps are the next progression of the old K.Body clamp from Bessey and are available in 8 sizes from 300 mm (12") to 2500mm (98").

I found the clamps to have a professional feel of German engineering, which gave you confidence when you used them.

The clamping pads stay perfectly square and parallel even when full torqued, the non mar pads are very effective on semi hard wood like Birch & Alder, but with Pine & Fir you can leave marks on the surface, which is hardly surprising considering the torque you can inflict (7000N) - The only drawback I found is I would have liked the handles to have a little more grip, especially with my weakened hands, but I still managed to inflict more than enough torque.

Another nice feature is that they can easily be reversed so they act as a spreader.

My purchase was a major investment, but these clamps will last me a lifetime. I am so happy with this product, that I am committed to buy some more 600, 800 & 1200 mm KR clamps this year.