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New Fuji Hvlp Gun

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Hello Everyone:
Has anyone seen the new Fuji Hvlp Spray guns yet?
They have a new control for ajusting the spray pattern and sell for 299.00
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I have a Fuji system with two spray guns. One is the gravity feed. The other is from the pot below. The spray pattern adjustment is on the nozzle for both. However, the newer gun (the gravity feed) has the spring attached to the angle adjuster whereas the older gun is in several pieces. The biggest difference I've found is that the newer system is a little easier to clean and put back together because the parts stay put when in place. Both guns are great and have served me well.
I have both the guns you have, there the older stile guns.
The newer guns have the fan control knob near the tip of gun.
Yeah, now I know what you meant. Haven't seen one yet, but am curious about how effective the new regulator will be.
Go to this site there's a demo of the new gun
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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