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New Freud Blade?? D1090X

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Hey folks,
So my wife is out of town for a couple weeks. I can buy some tools and not have to sneak them in under dark of night! :)
I stopped at the big Orange Box store tonight (still like it better than the blue box, but it's 75 miles away :( ), and I'm looking at 10" saw blades for my Ridgid R4511. I like the way it cuts with freud blades and, with my 10% military discount, I get them cheaper than on amazon or ebay. I picked up an 80 T D1080X finish blade and thought, "this has got to cut better than my 60 tooth!" But right beisde it, with "New" prnted in large black letters on a yellow field, was the D1090X, Ultimate Flawless Finish 10" blade! I whipped out the smart phone and googled it, only to find it solely on the Orange place's web site.

I've gotten it home now, put it on the saw for a test drive, and it's awesome! Maybe this is something they sold 10 years ago with no success and repackaged it and raised the price, but for $54 after discount, it's an awfully nice cut.

I checked Freud's and Diablo's website to no avail. Not listed.
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Could be a new model….Freud makes the R1090C for the Ridgid Titanium series.
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