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New Delta 36-725 OR Bosch??

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I'm in the market for my first table saw and I've been looking around on the List, but haven't found exactly what I'm looking for so I went to the blue box store and the new Delta 36-725 caught my eye. I also like anything Bosch, so the 4100-09 is also a contender. They are two different type saws, but I can't really decide which one! They are the same price and the fact that one is portable doesn't really matter. I just think Bosch makes really good tools. I'm afraid the Delta is TOO new and the kinks aren't worked out yet. I've heard customer service is terrible and the issue with the throat plate bothers me (sheet metal and non zero clearance). So help me guys…. Which one?
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Here is my Delta. It didn't take long at all and to me it was a simple assembly job.

I think I will follow the build notes to add your router table into my ts. I'll show pics when I'm done.

Thanks everyone for all the great input!!!

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I started putting my Delta 36-725 together last night around 7pm. Made it to the front fence rails by 8pm (taking my time). Worked at the front rail until midnight, when I finally gave up and went to bed. No matter what I do, I can't get the wings level with the tables, and can't get the front rails aligned and straight.

Tinman's guide really helped a lot, but it looks like his front rails are flush to each other. I can't get mine flush no matter what. Maybe the holes in the table are machined improperly, but I doubt it. Further, the manual says to use screws, washers and bolts on the rails. What washers? Where? The rails are countersunk for the shoulder bolts, are you supposed to use washers on the bolt-side (inside the rail)? The manual shows nothing, and is worse than useless.

I was impressed with the 36-725 in person and excited to get it built, and normally I'm quite mechanically inclined. But I found it easier to rebuild and machine my Ford 393 stroker than build this stupid table saw. I'm very very frustrated with the rails and wings.

Tinman's suggestion to drink beer is quite appropriate. It calmed me down enough to get pretty close on the front rail last night, but Jesus… 4 hours? I must have inhaled too much of the spar urethane fumes I was using earlier on a workbench. LOL.

Also, I keep hearing people talk about contractor/hybrid saws as a waste of time versus cabinet saws. I've seen cabinet saws on roller stands and they aren't nearly as portable as the Delta. I'm really impressed with its stand. Really impressed with the saw as a whole, but it really can't be emphasized enough how truly horrible the manual and assembly process is. I mean, it's honestly the worst I've ever seen anywhere, with anything. To the point that I don't think correct assembly is possible for people without a mechanical background.
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DaveTheDude, I put my Delta 36-725 together without much trouble and I'm far from being a mechanical wizard. May be that beer was more of hindrance than a help. I don't remember it taking me more than a couple of hours, possibly three, from box to starting it up.
To All,

Sorry for the delayed response. I'm out of town on a family medical emergency that is dragging out longer than hoped.

Dave, I resonded to your assembly questions in the review
Good Morning! I bought the Delta 36-725 a few weeks ago and picked up the Bosch RA 1181 yesterday to mount on the wing. Any pointers? I have it clamped in now. Should I just get it as level as possible then drill and attach with two screws on each side? I've seen only one YouTube video on it, which was nice but I need more detail #beginner!
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