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New Delta 36-725 OR Bosch??

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I'm in the market for my first table saw and I've been looking around on the List, but haven't found exactly what I'm looking for so I went to the blue box store and the new Delta 36-725 caught my eye. I also like anything Bosch, so the 4100-09 is also a contender. They are two different type saws, but I can't really decide which one! They are the same price and the fact that one is portable doesn't really matter. I just think Bosch makes really good tools. I'm afraid the Delta is TOO new and the kinks aren't worked out yet. I've heard customer service is terrible and the issue with the throat plate bothers me (sheet metal and non zero clearance). So help me guys…. Which one?
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I want to believe that the negative things I've heard/read (only a couple) about the Delta will improve. All I can do is read the reviews, which the Bosch 4100-09 has excellent reviews, and visit the box store to get some hands on, but that isn't the thing to do considering the displays are "halfway" assembled. I was hoping to get some feedback from first handers on here. Again, I know the two saws I've mentioned are two different type saws, but locally those are the best two saws I see to choose from (at the blue box). Another thing I'm concerned about is dust collection. It will be hooked up to the dust collection system.

Rick- I did read the other post you referred to. In fact I've looked online a lot trying to find some talk about the new Delta, but there just isn't that much out there especially compared to what you can find on the Bosch.

I really want to try the Delta, but I wanted to run it by you guys for any input y'all may have. Plus, $500-$600 is a lot of money for me to spend without doing any research.
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Thanks, guys, for the opinions and thank you, Scott, for The ABC's of Table Saws… I'm leaning towards the Delta. I'll let you guys know.
Well, I did it… I bought the new Delta 36-725. Overall, I think I made the right choice. HUGE thanks to all you guys. I appreciate everyones viewpoint.

knotscott, great write up on The ABC's of Table Saws!

thetinman, I would love it if you did a video on the router table addition or made a plan for it. I'd like to make the addition as well… It looks awesome!
Here is my Delta. It didn't take long at all and to me it was a simple assembly job.

I think I will follow the build notes to add your router table into my ts. I'll show pics when I'm done.

Thanks everyone for all the great input!!!

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