Neutrik - Powercon True 1 connectors (Rating: 5)

I work in the Entertainment industry on the technical side of things, meaning backstage. So I've been using Neutrik stuff for a very long time. I have used their Powercon stuff in the past but I was never able to find in line male and female connectors, it was always one was panel mount and the other was on the end of a cable. Well, they came out with this product I don't know when and it is what I was looking for.

I bought a Delta 900 RAS and wanted the ability to remove the carriage and not be tethered to the machine. In looking for small twist lock connectors all I could find were larger and 20ish bucks a piece. These, as you can see in the picture are slim. On top of size they are inexpensive as well. These go for about $10 bucks a piece. But where's the catch? No catch. They must be light duty you say then. Nope, 20 amps 220volts. That's right, in the US they are 20 amps 220 volts. In the EU they are 16 amps 220 volts.

They are screw terminal rubber sealed all around and they have a positive lock when they connect. You need to pull back on a thumb release in order to turn disconnect them. An added safety feature is a release tab that won't allow you to take the connector apart without pressing it in. This just means you really have to want to tinker around inside the connector.

Perhaps I am biased to Neutrik. They make great stuff from audio connectors to power connectors and more.

Here is the product page for Neutrik.