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Need to build custom displays - am no expert. Any insight?

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Hi folks, I am looking to help my wife with this one :S She is opening a shop in a couple of months and hoped to have some custom showcase pedestals built. The problem is, we have had an explosion in the real estate market due to folks moving here from the city and every shop has basically told her it can't happen as they are booked solid with renovation/kitchen projects. I'm hoping I have this in me.

I need to build a few pedestals and a bar height table. I have been researching around the web and am of the idea that I would need to use MDF as the main material, frosted acrylic panes and some matte black laminate sheets to accomplish this. I figure I can get the MDF, frosted acrylic and laminate cut to spec at the local hardware store/plastics shop and essentially piece it together quite easily. I have attached a pretty crappy image with measurements of what I am trying to achieve, as well as a finished example I found online.

Anyone have any pointers? Anything I should be aware of? Better material suggestions? Best way to attach the acrylic panes? LED lighting suggestions? Laminate advice? Open to anything. I am far from a carpenter.

Dimensional Image : What I'd like to achieve (without logo) :
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what is your level of WW experience and what tools do you have at your disposal?
Corners must be perfectly flush as a substrate
for laminate. You'd best make sure your
cut parts are accurate and square. Corner
joints can be dados but I'd recommend
doweling with a Jessem dowel jig because
the corners will come out flush without
needing a lot of clamps to line up the joints.
If you have decent equipment and just a bit of woodworking background, that should be a cake walk.

The only thing I'd change is, I'd hide the edges of the sides by putting caps on the top to cover them.

The pedestals, below, were made using high density fiberboard, which sands and routers well, and takes an automotive type paint job, over primer, fine.

The light colored one was from scraps and I installed a granite top and bottom (if you can't or don't want to polish the edges, just apply epoxy and you can cheat your way to a finished granite top (cut using a common circular or tile saw).

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