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Need some wood working schooling

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Hi all I'm new to this site and love what I have read and seen thus far. I need some help / advice. I am getting into woodworking and need to start at the beginner level. I know a lot more then that but since it has been so long since high school wood shop ect I think it would be wise to start at scratch. I am pretty handy and know how to read a ruler and know what all the major types of tools are used for (now when you get into very specific types of tools with very limited uses ect I might not know what that tool is for). What I am needing is to know how to follow a set of plans and actually come up with the correct item once I am done building it. How do I measure angles. One big issue I have is with joints its usually never a problem for me to get the first half right of the joint but when it comes to doing the adjoining joint on the other piece of wood I mess it up every time (this issue alone is my biggest problem). How do I figure out total board feet, ect. Is there any web sites that I can go to and read this info for free or maybe a book I could buy? Any help would be a great help. TIA
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