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Need some input on visiting San Francisco

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Wasn't really sure what forum to put this in so I just chose Woodworking skill share out of a hat…

My girlfriend and I are taking a trip to San Francisco on January 24th. We will be staying in the Nob Hill area for about a week. We will be going up to visit Muir Woods and Sonoma County within that week. I was just wondering, when it comes to San Francisco, are there any really cool woodworking related places to see? Every trip I take I like to visit at least one place and bring back a memento. So any place would be cool…a store, a shop, a museum, etc.. I can see that there are a couple Woodcraft stores but I guess I was looking for something a little more than a chain store.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance,

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Gallery M in Half Moon Bay is a gallery of fine woodworking by various woodworkers. All high end work that does include boxes. Half Moon Bay is not too far south from San Francisco. You might even want to take a portfolio of your work to show.
Randy has suggested the best in the area. Gallery M in Half Moon Bay is really nice.
It is only about a 45 minute drive from SF and I would take the coast route, Hwy 1.
Beautiful drive…......
I 2nd what Randy said, if you are selling you're stuff take something with! Can't help you with suggestions. My last trip to San Francisco was in 1962. It seems like yesterday. Have a great trip!
Hi Jeff,

Hock Tools is located near Mendocino, which is a romantic little coastal town about 3h north of SF and pretty darn close to Sonoma. There are a few furniture makers up in that area as well.

DJ Marks' shop and school is located in Petaluma, which is on the way to Sonoma from SF.

Be sure to take home a nice piece of Claro walnut from somewhere.

I live in SF, so if you need any other info about the area, please don't hesitate to PM.
you also might want to visit the rice a ronie place…isnt it the san fransico treat….LOL…sorry i couldnt not resist have a great time and i think the portfolio would be a great idea…this could be a good opportunity ….and mike ya know how time flies… i wish a bunch of us could all go…wood workers hit the streets of san fransisco…mike you could be our guide …boy what a time we could have….i would love to see sam maloof's place….dont know exactly where its at..but it would be worth the drive if you were already in the state…
Walking into Muir woods is like walking into a large cathedral, peace and calm and if you follow one of those Giant Redwoods up from its base you will see something amazing.

Giradelli Square is a must for chocaholics. A trip on a cable car. Going over the Bay Bridge. Alcatraz, if its still open. Pier 39 for daytime entertainment. Just enjoy. Oh and strangely 'We Built this City' by Starship on an MP3 player might be good.
I live in the Bay area. If you are looking for stores you might try Macbeath … ... they have stores in SF and around the area. It's where just about everyone in the area gets their wood.

If you are interested in Japanese hand tools there is Japan Woodworker - - just across the bay in Alameda. Also, in Berkeley (which is an experience in it's own) is Hida … .

Don't forget the wineries. When in Sonoma visit Cline and Jacuzzi. Downtown Sonoma also has a few wine tasting rooms. You might also enjoy taking the ferry over to Sausalito it's a fun day trip and the restaurants are pretty good.

I'm sure I missed a bazillion things. If you're interested in something but just don't know if it's worth it or not let me know.
The De Young and the Legion of Honor are a couple of museums that are worth taking a look at. They both have fine displays of 18th century furniture and interior architectural woodworking. I've never thought of visiting an art museum before I went there but they were both very impressive. One admission gets you into both places and they are only a couple miles apart. Plan on spending all day.
You might also include a visit to Marin County's county offices. They were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and are very interesting.
No suggestions from Florida here, but I'm wishing you a great time.
While not woodworking related, do check out the Computer History Museum - There is a mechanical computer based on the designs of Charles Babbage and a wonderful range of computers from punch cards through 50s era radar computers with built in ashtrays to Cray computers and other recent supercomputers that are obsolete.

Totally unlike your woodworking tools many of which may last decades.

If you go, get a docent tour. They are very informative.
Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks to all of you for taking the time to suggest some pretty cool things. We are going through the schedule now and seeing what we have time for….amazing how many things are there!! Should have taken a month vacation…wait…I wish I could take off of work that long!

mmmmm…Claro Walnut…awesome. I have one piece of that in the basement but would love to get a piece straight from Cali. I looked at Macbeaths site though and it doesn't say they sell it.

Well…thank you everyone for the suggestions and for all your guys who just took the time to say have fun! I will!

Thank you,

Check out this if you want some Claro Walnut. Glenn is a good guy, belongs to our local woodworkers group. He may have some Claro for you. It's first come, first served.
Jeff, I've been to both Macbeaths Berkeley and SF recently and they both have plenty of nice Claro boards.
Go by and see Steve Marin.
Look up David Marks, a few miles North of SF. Google his name, an exceptional man
We have a local show called Eye on the Bay. Today it's all about SF architecture. You can view it online …

I've taken walking tours of many of the locations shown on the show. You might find it interesting and possibly something to see while you're here.
Thanks again everyone! These were some great recommendations. I looked up every single one to see what was going to be possible with the time we have and the fact we will only have a car for two of the days we are there. I have no problem renting a car but on top of the cost of that the hotel charges another $35 a night to park…a joke. So, we are going to try and take full advantage of San Francisco's public trans. Looks like the De Young and the Legion of Honor are doable…and hopefully a stop at MacBeaths. we also are going to try and stop in Marin County. I would have loved to visit Glenn and get some Claro from him instead but we just can't make it over the bay.
Oh, here's one for the lady. :) If it's a sunny, relatively non-windy day with some good clouds in the sky, try to get out to Baker Beach for sunset. Best Golden Gate Bridge view at sunset…and the sunsets we've had the last two weeks have displayed some great light.
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