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Need some help with plant stand design

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My first question, so here goes:

I hope the old addage of "the only dumb question is the one unasked" applies here :)

My lovely bride has requested I build her a plant stand for the kitchen. I wanted to do something different than the typical table type, and was considering incorporating a "Maloof" style joint to tie the legs to the top. My concern is using dimensional lumber for both and the inevitable expansion/contraction/separation that has plagued previous projects.

If anyone has any ideas on the proper way to join two species of wood, that would allow for movement and still have the visual grace of the Maloof style joint…or any reading material…it would be greatly appreciated!
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maybe it was "dumber" than I thought…
About how big are you making the stand? If the pieces are not very big then the movement would be negligible, especially in an environmentally controlled house. The orientation of the grain would be another factor as wood swells across the grain more than it swells along the grain so if your two species joined at endgrain there may be negligible movement…. at least that is my understanding but I am kind of new at this wood working stuff. You may want to search out 'wood movement' here on LJs as there are a number of posts written about this.

The only dumb question (or so I use to tell my students) is "Will this be on the test?" LOL
A drawing would help
I agree. If we could see some sort of rendering and an idea of the finished thickness of the parts we could help a lot more and get you moving forward!

Sounds like a nice idea.
How's about copying someone elses successful design? If you build it, she will love it, so set yourself up for success and copy away! I did this last month: by copying a proven design. Google plant stand and you'll get lots of ideas for designs, then give your wife her choice of designs that have plans attached. She picks, you build, everyone is happy!

Except for this dimensional lumber thing - - that makes me think 2×4, 2×6, etc. This could be in your kitchen for a long time, so at least get the borg oak to build it.

good luck!
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Viewer project over at the wood whisperer, wich is made for a lamp stand.

pictures here, scroll down

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