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Need help with a finishing issue

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I recently finished a segmented wood urn and when I was applying the last coat of finish, I applied too heavy a coat. Thus I had an issue with a run. So I tried to sand it out, I didn't like the look after, so I decided to remove all the finish from that area. I started by sanding, then I had to move to actually removal by turning it again. So after I sanded it back to 800. I applied two coats of tung oil as I previously had for the rest of the urn. Then after drying I set about applying the wipe on poly again. I can't seem to get the wipe on poly to shine in this area any more, it seems very dull. Can someone give me a solution. I don't really want to trash the entire project.


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Can't help with getting the shine - all I can think of is you need more coats. But I have to ask… how do you get a run when you are doing wipe-on poly? Sounds like your technique is a bit off as you should only be applying a super thin coat. For me at least, *************** is about the most fool-proof finish there is.

Yeah like I said I applied to heavy a coat, I had an area that just didn't want to cover.. So much work for such a bad result..
Since you can still turn it, how about applying the finish while on the lathe? Maybe a friction polish will work. I'm not a turner, so sorry if this is off base.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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