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Need help identifying this hand plane

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My Grandfather died and left some tools to his kids. My dad wanted his planes and this is one. My dad said that it was his grandfathers originally. I have never seen one with a sole like this. It has no name or maker's marks on it. I have asked around and even spoke to a couple of "experts" over the phone that said they'd never heard of anything like what I described to them.
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My Dad doesn't want to use it, it just has sentimental value and i don't think he cares much about where it came from but I would like to know. Maybe someone here can help me.


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I'd question the authenticity of an "expert" that has never heard of a vintage plane with rosewood inlays on the sole. There were a few manufactures who did something like this.

Some better pictures in more detail would help, but my first guess based on what I can make out would be a CE Jennings. The rosewood pattern matches.

If it is it was made in the late 1800's in Hinsdale NH.

Steers also had a similar rosewood inlay, but I don't think they made one with the Stanley type lever cap.
^ and that is one of the reasons why we call him Yoda.

Totally cool plane. I would love to find and restore a Steer's Patent-they have similar rosewood insert soles, but a different look/assembly on top.

I'll add a +1 to the "experts" comment. I'm definitely not an expert and couldn't tell you off the top of my head which manufacturers used the rosewood insert soles, but at least I know they exist.
I'm certainly no expert, but it does look an awful lot like a Jennings to me. That plane looks to be a fairly easy restoration project.
I suggest taking some photo's without the blade assembly. The sole looks like a Steers that I owned but the blade/lever cap assembly is wrong. It would be good to get a view of the frog.
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