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need help for sealing bark

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ok here's the deal. i got 1st cut cedar it has bark on one whole side of the board. im using it as siding for an outside project. i want to seal/treat it to maintain the bark. would it be best to just hit it with a deck sealer like product or go with something else or nothing at all?

thanks for any help.
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You could hit it with deck sealer, but in my experience, wood that's exposed to the elements will shed it's bark eventually. Some species take longer than others and the sealer will certainly help delay the inevitable, but not completely prevent it. I'd have a plan for when it does start coming off, whether in two years or ten.
I might recommend soak the bark edge with wood hardener.. mini wax makes the one i use, expensive though. Deck sealer won't harden the cambium layer, so I would treat it like rotted wood… or that thin layer may decay… but for outdoor shingles I might even add a coat of marine spar after. to resist the sheering of the bark from heat, sun, rain, and dry weather. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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