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need advice

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HI I have been away from turning for 6 months, broke my hip, When i went down to the shop there was a piece on the lathe that need to be finished but I can't do it, I have a narrow foot at the edge of the bottom and the grain is torn out, not crisp how can I get a crisp transition. I think I forgot most of what I have learned

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Carbide, square scraper or even a parting tool can be used to clean out the corner. I have even used a skew held flat like a negative rake scraper to scrape a bowl bottom.
I have a skew shaped scraper and all that did was tear out more, I'll try the carbide
Mike, you probably need to sharpen that chisel, or use a small round carbide to clean that up. Also, more speed might be what is needed to clean it up. ............ Jerry (in Tucson)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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