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Need a new home for wood carving tools

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Hi all, recently a close friend of mine passed away and I came into possession of a bunch of woodcarving tools . I know my friend spent a lot of money and time on his projects and I feel wrong just keeping all of his tools and having them sit in my basement . He would always be in his shop sculpting new things and I'd prefer to get them a new home where someone could use them.

Please message me for pricing If interested in anything

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PM sent.
Most of the tools shown in your photos are NOT woodcarving tools. There are bench & firmer chisels used in finish or trim carpentry and a lot of drill bits. Your friend may have used the tools for woodworking projects, but not traditional woodcarving. You will likely get a lot of interest from hand tool collectors on this site.
If anything catches anyone's eye you can PM me. I'm don't know much about the tools except what I can find online but I know he used them for wood carving of sculptures and he made storage cases Small furniture etc so that's what he used it for

I'm also including a few pics of things people have asked for closer looks

Also in the drawer next to the drawer of drill bits what are these metal objects ?

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Drill bits, punches, log dogs, a sliding bevel, carving tools. Some decent tools there.
Also have this sander and laid out items with numbers to reference by request you can request closer pictures of the items

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I just today received the package from Antonio with items I bought from him on Wednesday afternoon. Quick shipping and everything in better condition than expected.

I bought the D.R. Barton gouges and chisels, the set of 3 Japanese chisels and the pinch dogs. I'm pleased with all of them and it was a fair deal or maybe a great deal.

Thanks Antonio!
My gouges arrived safe and sound and well packaged yesterday :) They'll live a productive life with me! Thanks Antonio!
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