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I know you are all thinking…..NO NOT ANOTHER 14inch BANDSAW THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I confess it is another 14inch bs thread. After reading all I can find im still debating on what brand of BS to buy. I plan on using it to cut hardwood guitar bodies (ash, alder, Mahog, maple..etc), and doing some maple resawing, no more than 7 inches.

I'm almost ready to get the Grizzly pro, however the low price of the Ridgid and now the new PorterCable keep me thinking.

Will the ball bearing guids on saws like the grizz give me a better cut when resawing? I don't mind putting a few $$ into the ridgid to fix the vibration and replace the blade.

How is the quality of the Grizz fence?

I plan on using the saw at most 3 hours a week. A few cuts and I'm off to other tools.

Any suggestions

Thanks in advance!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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