NAREX - Skew Chisels (Rating: 5)

I bought this set of chisels from Highland Woodworking and have been using them non-stop ever since. They are the darn handiest thing when scraping glue out of drawer boxes or anywhere that it's hard to get a regular chisel in a good position.

As far as the quality goes, they are made out of good steel, have good machining, come sharp, and have held an edge well. The handles are good beech? handles, and could resist being beat on with a mallet, although I almost always use these for paring and scraping only.

The prices is right, at about $30.

I would highly recommend to anyone that uses chisels often for paring and removing glue squeeze out.

Oh, and finally, I didn't think it was necessary to have the left and right handed ones - I thought one would do, but it really does help to have both. I find that I use both of them always when I'm working on drawers.