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My Woodworking Club Open Day - Sat 31 Aug

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Hi all,

I didn't know where I should post this but think the forum is the place.

My club is having it's open day next Saturday - Hawkesbury Woodcraft Co-Operative Limited, in the old scout hall in Wilberforce just outside of Windsor, Sydney, Australia and I thought I would post pics of some of the work that will be displayed. There will also be demo's and lots of things happening on the day.

Any woodworkers from the Sydney region would be very welcome.

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I agree with David. I'd love to see it in person. Just a little too far to drive
very nice,thats some great pieces.thanks for sharing.
It's a few thousand miles too far for me, but could you get some more pics while you're there? That box with the bird on top looks nice, I'd like to see more of it if possible. And does that bottom pic say "felt makers roller"? I have no idea how it's used, but if the guy/gal has a display of felt-making tools that would be neat to see.

Very cool woodworking.
You should giver us furriners at least a years notice so we can try to save up the plane fair. Looks like it will be
a great show.
Ok, open day has come and gone.

It was a great day, I met some club members I hadn't met before, learnt a bit about turning, had a restorer check out my tub chairs (read other forum spot) and generally had a great day.

I have taken a few pics and 1 video for those that are interested.

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Thanks for looking,



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That was pretty cool thanks for shareing.
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