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My try at a homemade Dust Deputy

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After seeing what jcoulam did with his homemade dust deputy I decided o try it myself instead of spending the money on one from Oneida. So today I gave it a whirl since I had time between coats of poly on a table I'm building for a freind.

I didn't quite finish but this is what I ended up with.

Pretty much the same thing as jcoulam. I am taking a few more pictures of the process so that others might give it a try too. It wasn't very diffcult, the hardest part was making the funnel.

I tried it at first without cutting the piece of metal but then I got some outside help and came up with a stencil that I could cut out that would give me the perfect funnel. I am going to have that on my blog for everyone to see and when I am done with the project I am going to put into the project section.

I have alot better description and more photos on my blog if your interested!

Should have it working tomorrow…..
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Looking good well done.
How's that working? I am thinking of doing the same kind of thing.
Blog not found
Sorry, the blog you were looking for does not exist


I think it will serve you well. Well done.
It works great!

Try it now. :)

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
Looks really good. The link above works.Might have to try this one.

I made a large one, but still waiting for the actual dust collector. Maybe I'll sometime show the video of why not to try and make a impellar yourself. It blew apart. Fun to build, fun to watch fly apart. Good thing is the cyclone is in tack.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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