Grizzly - H7583 Tenoning Jig (Rating: 5)

I've made tenons using several different methods. I had avoided buying a tenoning jig because it seemed like an unnecessary outlay of funds. I could make them by hand, with the bandsaw, or using a dado blade on the table saw. But for whatever reasons, I always have been a little frustrated by how they came out. I ended up doing way too much fine tuning with chisel/plane/sandpaper.

So, I bit the bullet and purchased the Grizzly tenoning jig through Amazon, $88.59.

I was annoyed with the standard Grizzly grease soaked parts, but I got it all cleaned up and assembled with little problem. Some folks have complained about slop in the miter slot-mine has no slop at all. I just had to remove the wheels for the t-slot so it would set well in the miter slot. I can detect no play in the jig.

What I appreciate most about using the jig is the micro adjust feature. I can really fine tune the tenon with a lot of control. I cut two tenons tonight on a large back apron of a desk and it worked like a charm. I really enjoy using it.

I know that most of the tenoning jigs on the market are the same basic design. Given that, the price of the Grizzly (with Amazon prime 2 day shipping!) made it the obvious choice for me.

There are a lot of good ways to cut tenons. I think I've found the solution that works best for me. I'm very happy with the jig.